Our Programs

Who we serve

We work with all parents – especially new parents, families in stress and transition, and families that need extra parenting support, living in Dane County, Wisconsin. We accept professional, medical, personal, concerned community member and self-referrals. The Center for Families programs are designed around the unique needs and cultural context of each family. The Center’s programs are open to all, regardless of race, religion, culture, disability, or sexual orientation.

What we offer

Respite Center - Provides respie and crisis child care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to families experiencing high levels of stress.

Early Childhood Education- Play teaches children how to get along with others, helps them test their skills and develop confidence.

  • Play and Learn The United Way-Funded Play and Learn groups will no longer operate as of 6/30/17. Please look through our website for other early childhood programming opportunities. Thank you.
    Contact: Emily Williams, Parent Educator - Play and Learn - EmilyW@centerforfamilies.org - 608.729.1143

  • Parent-Child Home is a home visitation program that prepares young children for school success by strengthening positive parent-child intereaction through the development of critical language and pre-literacy skills.
    Contact: Liz Kober, Program Coordinator - ElizabethK@centerforfamilies.org - 608.729.1165

Home Visiting programs at Center for Families. Learn alongside your child - after all, growing up is a learning process and so is parenting.

  • Welcome Baby assists parents and caregivers with the ongoing challenges of parenting. Through regular in-home visits, Family Support Specialists offer support, share child development and parenting information, assist parents in monitoring their child’s development, and offer fun ways for parents to bond with their children.
  • Contact: Zara Nehls, Family Support Specialist - ZaraN@centerforfamilies.org - 608.729.1145

  • Parents and Children Together (PACT) The PACT program, originally funded by Dane County, is no longer being offered as of March 31, 2017. If you need assistance in finding support, please contact Liz Kober at ElizabethK@centerforfamilies.org - 608.729.1165

Parent Support Groups - Helping parents understand the ages and stages of development of their children so they will know what to expect.

  • Parents’ Places are groups, workshops and topically driven parenting series that occur in various locations throughout Madison and Dane County. Through our Parents Places program, we provide education, support, information and referral to parents so that they can raise healthy, capable children ready to raise future generations.
  • Contact: Jen Jorgenson, Parent Educator - JenJ@centerforfamilies.org - 608.729.1141