About Center for Families

What we do

We offer instruction, support, emergency child care, in-home visits and resources that parents need to meet the challenges of parenting, and create a safe, healthy and nurturing environment for their children.

Our programs follow best practices in various child development and in-home visiting methods to develop and strengthen parenting skills. For instance, we

  • Listen to parent’s concerns and address them
  • Customize a program based on the family’s strengths and challenges
  • Provide parents with instruction on effective parenting, bonding, positive reinforcement, child development, stress management, career coaching and the power of positive actions
  • Offer a wide variety of instructional materials on child development and the importance of constructive play that prepares a child for school
  • Help parents build a supportive family and community network that can support them in creating a strong family
  • Advocate on children and/or parents’ behalf
  • Offer child care
  • Offer crisis intervention for parents
  • Offer short-term counseling
  • Make referrals

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2014 Annual Report

2015 Annual Report
How to Help
How to Help
Respite Center
Respite Center
Parent Child Home Program
Parent Child Home Program
Welcome Baby
Welcome Baby

Our Strategic Plan:

Vision: Center for Families envisions a community where families have access to resource to be successful, resilient, competent and confident for generations to come.

Mission: The mission of Center for Families is to partner with parents in their efforts to nurture, protect and teach their children.

  • Build on strengths
  • Create safety
  • Cultivate collaboration
  • Demonstrate compassion
  • Foster trust
  • Honor differences
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